Morristown, in Style.

There’s a lot to love about living in Morristown. First, it’s so charming – like in a good Northeasternly way, with darling shops, tree-lined streets, beautiful historic homes, great restaurants, and gorgeous greens. Morristown is every bit as lovely as it sounds, and its charm is what separates it from your typical New Jersey town. You should see it in the fall. Breathtaking!

That’s what makes living at one of the Mill Creek communities so perfect – Our locations are divinely close to downtown Morristown – a lovely stroll, in fact – plus great schools, shopping, dining, the whole nine. One of our three communities are bound to suit your style of the ideal cozy abode. Meet Alister Morristown, Modera 44, and Modera 55, all backed by our Peace of Mind Guarantee.